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Tumblr, you are so annoying

When I’m typing an ask and it gets too long, turn your numbers or box red, don’t let me send it, but for the love of all things holy stop deleting the things I type.  I will destroy you.

It feels personally violating, it raises my ire an unreasonable amount.  I literally have a physical reaction to it.  It feels exactly like I’m trying to use a computer and someone is clamping their hand around mine and moving my hand and the mouse, which is the most obnoxious thing ever, except that I can’t reach over and slap the person that’s backspacing all my typing because they’re some idiot Javascript coder who has long since forgotten the evils they committed in some bygone time.

It is seriously one of the most annoying things a computer has ever done to me, and that is saying a lot.