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Some women are calling for a Ben & Jerry’s boycott…


Some women are calling for a Ben & Jerry’s boycott because of the company’s bawdy sense of humor. (They don’t like the name of the new “Schweddy Balls” flavor, which is a reference to a crude - but hilarious - Saturday Night Live sketch from several years ago.)

To that, my friend Lindsay Marshall says:

I really, really hate this boycott. There are reasons to boycott ice cream companies. The same women passionately protecting their kids from a silly reference have no objection to the fact that their kids will be eating ice cream made with chocolate and sugar produced by child slave labor instead. Ben & Jerry’s has committed to going fully fair trade within the next few years. But for these petitioners, apparently, enslaving children isn’t nearly as bad as a pottymouth joke. Someone should remind them: nice is different than good.