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Anonymous said: It really pisses me off that so much of the criticism aimed at Ann Coulter is sexist as fuck. She's literally the worst person in all of the media, and there are so many good reasons to hate on that piece of shit, so it's really frustrating to have to yell at people for saying she looks like she's trans or whatever.


That’s correct. Do better, people.

This SHOW you guys OH MY CATS it was fucking unbelievable. OK Go is just incredible. This show was 100% non-stop awesome, from the moment they stepped on the stage. Damian dragging his mic out into the middle of the audience to get us singing the chorus for This Too Shall Pass, confetti everywhere, sampling the audience stomping and clapping to make a backing track to loop for Maybe, This Time (I think), audiovisual things everywhere, brilliant use of the scrim (GET OVER IT OH MY GOD), Damian walking out to the middle of the crowd to play Last Leaf on naught but his acoustic guitar…it was over far too fast. See you next time you come within a 300-mile radius, guys. It was real.


Also, so you know how the camera controls in Mario 64 are, like, the paragon of complete uselessness? How the camera system fucks you over every damn time?

Well in Lethal Lava Land, the fact that the camera works against you has been elevated to a game mechanic. I’m not joking, so many parts of the later stars on that level are designed to be difficult solely because the camera works against you. The extra life behind the big bully tower, running that shell around the lava in the first place, climbing those damn elevators, jumping from pole to pole hoping you’re aiming right, jumping from platform to platform hoping to god you’re aiming in the right direction…I’m convinced that the developers realized that the camera makes things difficult and then decided to make that part of the challenge.

Fuckin’ A.

Also, I played a little Shifting Sand Land after I (finally) got all the stars in Lethal Lava Land, and all I have to say is fuck you Shy Guy. I hope that stupid bird steals your cape and you die a slow, miserable death from sun exposure.



This animation from Moonwalk One shows all the stages of the Apollo 11 mission, which launched 45 years ago on July 16, 1969.  As designed, the only component to return to Earth was the Command Module Columbia.

Moonwalk One, ca. 1970

From the series: Headquarters’ Films Relating to Aeronautics, 1962 - 1981. Records of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, 1903 - 2006

via Media Matters » Stepping Stones to the Moon


Another noodle that heard you were talking some shit.


Another noodle that heard you were talking some shit.






they’re like tiny 8-legged cats
how can anyone hate them

Look at these nerds.

Arachnerds, indeed.

Don’t fear the spiders!

OK Go Upside Out The One Moment

There for the grace of god go we
There for the grace of time and chance and entropy’s cruel hands

So open your arms to me, open your arms to me

And this will be the one moment that matters
And this will be the one thing we remember
And this will be the reason to have been here
And this will be the one moment that matters at all

So won’t you stay here with me and we’ll build until we’ve blistered our hands
So won’t you stay here with me and we’ll build us some temples
We’ll build us some castles
We’ll build us some monuments
And burn them all right down



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